Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018


Bookweek 2018 has been another resounding success!! Thank you Mr. Foley for organising it and to our fantastic Parent's Association for running it! Our theme this year was Book Covers and we adorned our front doors with the covers of some of our favourites. Well done to every teacher and to all the kids involved. The school corridors are so bright and interesting! Remember 60% of takings from our bookfair comes back into our school library! Final takings to be confirmed after the midterm break and Míle Buíochas to all the parents who so generously supported our fair. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Monday, February 26, 2018

"Ode To Joy" Performance

Ms. Kelleher's class and Ms. Beechinor's class recently performed "Ode to Joy" for Deirdre Clune MEP who visited Scoil Niocláis. Here is a recording of a rehearsal prior to this performance. Well done to all involved!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Skipping Workshop

Scoil Nioclais skipping week-
Professional skipping instructor comes to Scoil Nioclais

By Columnists Luke Broderick, Sophie Lynch, Seán O’ Reilly, 5th class, Ms. Kelleher

Australian skipping instructor, Lee Collinson came to Scoil Niocláis last week from 06/03/17 to 09/03/17 and taught the students how to do loads of new and amazing tricks.
Lee taught all sorts of different basic jump rope skills as well as skills like side swing, scissors, crossover, backwards skipping, leg-over, double dutch, and the boxing ring to name but a few.

20 years skipping experience
Lee Collinson has been skipping for over 20 years and he has been to over 3,000 schools. He has sold over 200,000 ropes made for him from a man in England. He said that he likes to skip because, “It is good fun. It is very good for you and it uses the left and right side of the brain.” In his free time he likes to play snooker.

Skipping show
On the last day of the workshops, Lee assembled 3rd to 6th classes in the hall and the children demonstrated the tricks they learned during the workshop. It was such a special occasion as everybody was blown away by the talent.

The skipping workshop has given children the motivation to skip on the yard. Ms Bradley a 4th class teacher explained, “A huge amount of children are bringing skipping ropes to the yard”. Skipping has a very positive effect on the mental health of children. According to Deputy Principal of Scoil Nioclais, Ms Lee, “If you look around our playground at breaktime, you will notice that any child who is skipping is also laughing or at least smiling a big, broad grin. Skipping induces and spreads happiness!!'  Ms. O Callaghan who organised the skipping workshop described skipping as, “a great cardio vascular workout.”

The children in Scoil Nioclais will hopefully continue skipping until Lee comes back. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Shoebox Projects

Here are pictures of our shoebox projects that we created in Mr.O'Connell's class.